Huŋa Ɂumhamuheši T’anu Ɂiwi Guwa deweškuli

(Hello Tribal Court Learners!)

Thank you for taking the initiative to visit The Field of Tribal Courts website. This resource was created to address the ongoing increase of interactions between community members across this country and tribal courts. Today, there are over 300 tribal courts located throughout the United States. Over the past 20 years, the number of tribal courts has increased and the number is expected to grow. This resource strives to eliminate any existing mystery about tribal courts and aims to promote more informed learners.

The Field of Tribal Courts offers services to the following:

  • Attorneys
  • Attorney Groups/Associations*
  • Business Professionals
  • Education Institutions*
  • State/Federal Court Personnel Associations and Affiliated Agencies*

Web Conferencing:


Service Option 1:

Preparing an Attorney for the First Appearance in Tribal Court. This one-on-one presentation discusses what an attorney can expect before the first appearance in tribal court before a tribal judge. This presentation opens with a general explanation of a tribe’s authority to have a tribal court and an overview of the tribal court foundation and structure. Then, helpful tips on navigating the tribal court before your first appearance will be discussed.

Service Option 2:

Tribal Court Foundation and Structure. This one-on-one presentation discusses a tribe’s authority to have a tribal court and a general overview of the tribal court foundation and structure.


For more information on fees, scheduling a web conference, or to ask questions, please click here.


*In-person instruction available.

With almost 10 years of combined experience of working in a tribal court and with tribal court education, my educational services will teach you the skills needed to help you better understand tribal courts.

HutiweɁ mašašesi pumwaɁešɨpheligi T’anu Ɂiwi Guwa mašašes ɁetiɁi

Vision Statement: To create a more knowledgeable and informed community on tribal courts.